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Starting as an Arizona-based tour company created by tour guides, DETOURS PLATINUM has evolved into a luxury tour company offering premium tours across the west. Prior to the introduction of PLATINUM in 2001, we have been touring the National Parks, Historical Native American Trails and Ancient Native American Civilizations as well as Westward expansion routes of the Western United States with passion in our hearts. We take pleasure in creating unique custom tours which amaze even the most seasoned travelers. Our combination of professional guides, custom vehicles, individual service, and professional attitude creates a highly personalized and exciting touring atmosphere for you and all that are on tour.

Here at DETOURS PLATINUM, we remember what it was like the first time we saw our first Ancient Anasazi Settlement, visited Calf Creek Falls in the Grand Staircase, toured around El Capitan, and saw Old Faithful in all her glory. We take great pleasure recreating the sense of awe at all of these amazing destinations and more for each guest. We know that many of our guests are having that same special experience we first had and we are honored to share. Every tour is unique and memorable with so much to explore and experience. We are privileged to do what we do and take great pleasure in sharing the unique diversity of the West with our guests so when you are ready for a truly special tour, let Detours Platinum be your host.

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